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Seller’s Guide To A Quick Sale

Feeling overwhelmed getting your house ready for market?

Here are a few tips I tell my clients to get them started. (Check out the full checklist below!)

First impressions are EVERYTHING. They say a buyer knows within the first 30 seconds if they want to buy the house.

Some sellers can feel like they are putting too much time, effort, and money into a property they just want to move on from.

Listen, I hear you. In some ways, it can feel counterintuitive, but I promise you, you will be happier at the closing table.

Here’s why:
You only get one shot at that first impression. If you create a good one, buyers are going to take that feeling and usually reflect it in their offer price.

Even in a hot market, prepping your house for its first showcase on the market is important because it can incite multiple offers.

Less days on the market. Less in carrying costs. More money in your pocket.
You are in competition with the other similar homes on the market. Taking the extra steps to prep can put you steps ahead of the other properties.
Buyers usually make decisions based on *how they feel in a property.* Going to extra mile with these steps puts you on your way to creating those good vibes that may bring you an offer.

We’ve gone over they WHY. Now here is the HOW.

Check out my list below. Let me know if you would like me to send you a PDF directly.

To a successful sale on your home!